Connecting people and ideas with the Stanford spirit is our motto!

The Stanford Club of France, created in 1983, is a crossroad for the 1800 Stanford alumni living in France and a strong network of Stanford Alumni in France. It is a unique community of entrepreneurs, businessmen, scientists, artists, executives, advisors, and many more sharing a strong bond with Stanford University and the will to inspire and engage their communities. The SCF supports Alumni in maintaining their connection with Stanford University while connecting and inspiring them.

The Club promotes Stanford among French Grandes Ecoles, and is currently developing a professional network. It is a meeting point for those who wish to maintain or renew friendship with fellow alumni all over the country.

Members of the club's board are all engaged in the conception and planning of the many events that help keep the Stanford spirit alive in France throughout the calendar year.

It also contributes to the Mentors’ Program for the Stanford in Paris students.