We wholeheartedly thank our event sponsors for their generous contributions. These contributions help finance in great part the Stanford International Weekend, making the event possible.

We have different sponsorship levels available. If you want to contribute or need information, please contact azollin@gmail.com or 2019EuropeSCF@stanfordcluboffrance.org.

Our sponsors

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  • Brian Patterson, MBA '89

Brian Patterson is the founder of multiple companies including among others White Star Real Estate, a leading developer and property asset manager in Europe which develops commercial and residential properties; Archive Management Solutions, the leading provider of digital and physical record management solutions in Central and Eastern Europe, now part of Iron Mountain, the world-wide leader; Plus Energia, an energy distributor in the deregulated Poland market; and White Star Ventures which invests in early stage ventures in a variety of industries in the USA and Central and Eastern Europe.

Brian is also a social entrepreneur and the founder of several foundations to level the playing field for kids facing adversity.

Brian is on the Board of Trustees at Rice University and serves on the Management Board at the Stanford Graduate School of Business.  In addition to Stanford Graduate School of Business (89), he is a graduate of Rice (84).

VIP Sponsors

  • Rick Amado, '86
  • Peter Assembergs, GSB LEAD '18
  • Harpreet Bhatia, GSB LEAD '19
  • Markus Lochner, GSB LEAD '17
  • Dr. Reiar Ness, MS '77, PhD '84 & Mona Mork
  • Andreas Ponikiewicz, GSB Ignite '17
  • Eric Andre Salon, GSB LEAD '19
  • Jennifer Wang, GSB LEAD '19