How to build a Successful Startup in Europe – Bernard LIAUTAUD, founder Business Objects

June 28, 2016 Erik Uzureau

Bernard Liautaud, a Stanford Alumnus, founded Business Objects in 1990. Business Objects was the world leader in Business Intelligence and the first European software IPO on Nasdaq in 1994. In January 2008, Business Objects was acquired by SAP for $6.8 billion. Since 2008, he is a venture capitalist at Balderton, one of the best VC fund in Europe.

Bernard answered burning questions from the new generation of European entrepreneurs:
• How building a startup today is different from 20 years ago?
• What are the key elements you look at when investing in a start up?
• After Mobile Apps and the Sharing Economy what will be booming in the next five years?
• Few successful startups manage to remain independent in Europe, why?
• What are the best tech hubs in Europe?
• As a member of Stanford University Board, what role do you see for Stanford on the Tech Scene in Silicon Valley and in Europe?