Transforming the Automotive Industry through Innovation – Carlos GHOSN, Chairman & CEO of Renault-Nissan

July 8, 2016 Erik Uzureau

The automotive industry is currently undergoing significant disruption due to digitalization, increasing automation, connectivity & new business models. While there is no unifying perspective on how this industry will evolve over the long term, the Renault-Nissan Alliance is playing a leading role in shaping the vision of the future.

The Stanford Club of France is delighted to present Carlos Ghosn, Chairman & CEO of the Renault-Nissan Alliance, in a lively and in-depth exchange with Philippe Pouletty, Managing Director at Truffle Capital.

Our distinguished speaker, Mr. Ghosn, will share his vision on several disruptive trends that are transforming the automotive industry:

  • the green revolution in the industry,
  • the evolution of mobility,
  • the race for the connected car,
  • autonomous driving,
  • the management of innovation in a fast transforming market.

Carlos Ghosn will be interviewed by Philippe Pouletty (Stanford Post-Doc fellow ’86-88), founder of a leading European Private Equity firm and an expert on innovation. Truffle Capital builds and invests in high-potential companies that develop disruptive technologies, including clean-tech.