Sheila Hicks Exhibition private visit by her daughter

March 15, 2018 Adeline Agut

Itaka Martignoni, the daughter of the world-known Artist Sheila Hicks, offered SCF members and Stanford student a private visit of her mother’s solo exhibition show at the Pompidou Center. The visit ended with the remarkable surprise of having Sheila Hicks among ourselves and spending the last part of the visit with us.
The world-renowned American artist has lived in Paris since the 1960s. Her artwork represents crossroads in more ways than one: she is American, spent many formative years in Chili and Mexico, and gleans inspiration from Paris; she sees her work as sculpture, but stone is not her medium. Instead you will find fabrics, colors, threads and different textures, flowing in space. Her works are at times monumental (for example those hanging from the ceilings of the Pompidou Center), but at other moments they are conceived as miniature woven compositions. Her work appears to defy all boundaries and definitions.